Why Travel?

I still tell everyone that I recently graduated college, but the truth is that I graduated nearly 9 months ago! I still feel like its just winter break  and I’m due back in school any minute. Its incredible how quickly time flies. I did apply to grad school, but very competitive grad schools where the reality of not being accepted is a high possibility, so I’ve been asking myself, what do I want to do? I know that travel is the one thing that keeps me feeling alive, makes me feel like I’m connected to the world, which is something that fuels my writing. Since the new year I’ve been writing a lot more and thinking more about what I want to begin to do with my life. I simply want to live it. I think the best way to live is through travel. 

I visited Iceland in December and it was incredible. I saw the Northern Lights, hiked on a Glacier (felt like I was Jon Snow….), and wandered the streets of Reykjavik. Now during this time where I’m waiting to see where my next move may be, saving up for my next trip, I’m thinking a lot about travel and what it means to travel, I’ve been asking myself a lot of questions and tonight’s has been, why travel? 
Northern Lights, Iceland

I’m still thinking about my answer, but I think this is a question I will ask all of my life and will have different answers at every stage in my life. 
While my life might been in a transitional phase (if not all of life is a series of transitional phases), I’ll be thinking about travel and my goal, for now, is to let life happen, let life come to me. 
In the meantime, I’m going to anchor myself within the chaos of the unknown by writing articles, updating social media, and researching travel, and how I can learn how to travel all the time. Stay tuned while I post my research! 
But, in the meantime, why do you travel?
I’m curious. 
Happy Hopping,
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