Visiting Munich? Check Out Ozzie’s Awesome FREE Walking Tour!


When Jeff and I headed to Oktoberfest we decided to go a day early before the festivities to explore Munich. We stayed at the Wombats Hostel (a great place if you like partying, and hanging out with other international guests!) and they featured a Free Walking Tour. The tour leaves at 11 sharp daily from the Wombats Hostel located near the train station in Munich. Ozzie, your tour guide is awesome! He’s super well informed on everything Munich has to offer, from the history, the best hangouts, to the best restaurants. If you have a question he can answer it! He makes the tour really exciting and fun. He works very hard taking you all around Munich, so please tip him well! Very well! He’s great, be sure to dress according to the weather, and yes be prepared to walk! Its great, and he’s great! If you want to book a private tour, he can do that too! Thanks for a great tour Ozzie!
Happy Hopping,
Alex and Jeff
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