Top 5 Things to Do In Barcelona


Published: September 3, 2012

There are so many things to do in Barcelona that it’s hard to decide which things to do. Well, from my experience in Barcelona as well as many other Hoppers, I have narrowed your choices down to the 5 best things to do in Barcelona. Here they are!

1: Stroll down La Rambla

la rambla

la rambla

La Rambla is a tree lined pedestrian walk full of excitement with so many things going on from street performers and human statues to vendors selling flowers, local fare, and more.  The best part is that you walk on a large pedestrian only walkway with street performers and activity to amuse yourself with. Make sure to get your picture with one of the human statues too.



Number 2: Explore the crazy architecture of Antoni Gaudi at the Park Guell

Park Guell is probably one of the strangest parks I’ve ever been to, due to the Gaudi architecture, but also one of the most fun parks to explore. Throughout the entire park there is always some sort of element in the landscape that grabs your attention and makes you want to explore it. Be prepared to walk a fare amount as there are some terrain changes throughout the park. If you can manage, make sure to make it to the top to see an incredible view of Barcelona as the park is elevated above the city.

park guell dragon

park guell dragon


Number 3: Visit Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is probably the most recognizable icon you think of when you hear Barcelona. The Gaudi designed towers of this church rise into the Barcelona skyline creating a very interesting look to the church. Inspired by the medieval cathedrals, built in 1882 and still not finished, 100 years later. I strongly recommend buying tickets online as lines can be very long to go inside. Ticket prices vary from 13 euros to 20 euros. I personally didn’t go inside as I didn’t buy a ticket online before going, but had a great time looking at it from the outside and taking many pictures.

sagrada familia

sagrada familia




Number 4: Party

in the Barri Gòtic

The Barri Gòtic is probably the best bar hopping and partying scene in Barcelona but be careful on the cobbled narrow streets! If you’re in the mood for a concert check out Apolo. For a local indie music scene check out Fantastico where the drinks are cheap and has local DJs with a younger crowd. Los Tarantos features some of the best Flamenco dancers in Barcelona and is non touristy as well. It’s also fun to just hop around different bars throughout the Barri Gòtic and see what you like and can stumble into.

Number 5: Eat Tapas!

While you’re in Barcelona, you have to eat Tapas. Tapas are appetizers or snacks that were created to act as a sharing food to encourage conversation. There are TONS of places to get tapas in Barcelona but here are a few of the highly rated ones by other hoppers. Tapeo, anem de tapes is a very nice place to get great tapas with very friendly staff and great Sangria too. Tickets is also a great place to get Tapas with a fun and casual atmosphere. But be sure to book a table online well in advance if you can to get a table as it’s very popular.

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