Thinking Back…Oslo Highlights

Thinking Back…Oslo Highlights: Frogner Park (Vigeland Sculpture Garden), Grünerløkka, and the Opera House

oslo highlights

Today’s blog post, I’m reminiscing again about my trip to Oslo, Norway. Norway isn’t just beautiful for the dramatic fjord landscapes, but Oslo’s architecture and art scene is a city for inspiration on its own. Today’s post will be reminiscing about Frogner Park and the Vigeland Sculpture Garden (and my favorite sculpture of all time), the Grunerlokka district, and the beautiful, sleek, modern Oslo Opera House. I’m a sucker for arts and architecture, so full disclosure, there will be a lot of that in this post ;).

1. Frogner Park aka Vigeland Sculpture Park

frogner park aka vigeland sculpture garden

Frogner Park is actually Oslo’s number 1 tourist attraction, which surprised me, but I can definitely see why. Frogner Park is interesting because it’s a huge city park, that is also a major sculpture garden,  the Vigeland Sculpture Garden mixed in as a permanent installation. The sculptures are refreshing and go through parenthood, being an adult, and great battles as well. My favorite statue is “Angry Boy” or in Norwegian Sinnataggen. We visited Norway in March, so the sun set early and we stumbled into park in the afternoon and were there during the “golden hour,” which made for awesome glimpses of the statues with a dramatic backdrop.

angry boy sculpture vigeland

angry boy angry baby sculpture vigeland

vigeland sculpture park

upside down baby frogner park vigeland park


2. Grunerlokka aka “Hipster” Oslo

street art gunerlokka oslo norway

So Gunerlokka is an awesome district/neighborhood within Oslo where there’s a ton of street art, installation pieces, awesome cafes and coffee shops, and all the cool modern shops and even cooler thrift shops for some cheap Norwegian buys. Be sure to make a stop at Indigo, a sleek, unique coffee shop by day, and an awesome venue by night. Here are some of the sights from our time wandering through Gunerlokka (including a penis swan swimming along the canal).

penis swan oslo norway gunerlokka

Penis swan

street art in oslo norway

chandelier in alley in oslo norway

canal in oslo norway

3. The Oslo Opera House: Dramatic Modern Architecture

oslo opera house oslo norway

The Oslo Opera House is worth visiting just due to the modern, cool architecture. It’s a beautiful white stone island with a backdrop of modern, cool toned buildings. Walking around the building, with the waves crashing up against it as it sits as an island is a place you won’t likely forget. This is one of the places whose modernity and drama are breathtaking. Go wander around, listen to the water lap the foot of the opera house, and climb to the top to sit within modern infrastructure.

oslo opera house modern architecture

surface of the oslo opera house oslo norway

pattern on oslo opera house oslo norway

oslo opera house oslo norway

oslo opera house sculpture


Full circle: Head to the Frogner Park for a picnic, followed by shopping and coffee sipping in the Gunerlokka, and head over for a change of pace to the modern, sleek Oslo Opera House.


Question of the day: Which of these 3 spots do you want to visit first?

Happy travels,

highlights visiting oslo norway

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