The Number One Visited Themed Attraction in Europe Is…


Euro Disney

Euro Disney Paris France

Euro Disney! It’s a small world after all…I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself! But yes, it is the number one visited themed attraction in Europe, and the third most visited attraction in ALL of Europe with over 10 million visitors annually (! Yes that is more visitors than the Louvre has each year! Did you know that it is designed and is almost the same in comparison with the Disneyland we have in the United States? If you’re feeling a little homesick (and you’re from the United States!) Euro Disney is a great way to visit something, foreign, but familiar. Love it or hate it, they have It’s a Small World, and yes, it’s in English so you can still sing along, (and will be singing it throughout the rest of your vacation). They also have Space Mountain, but note: this is one of those rides that is different. Yes, it is within the dark, but it goes upside down, and is much wilder than the original Space Mountain that I know and remember! There are my favorites, Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, but also the teacups (If you’re not easily dizzy!), as well as the Peter Pan Ride! Pirates of the Caribbean is especially charming because it is all in French.

pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean Eurodisney Paris, France

Speaking of French, Mickey and all the characters speak French as well, which is charming and gives that sense of difference, (even if you are strolling down the ever-familiar Main Street). I happen to love Alice and Wonderland so if you are a fellow mad hatter, make sure to visit the labyrinth, it’s a great time and if you’re lucky enough to run into the caterpillar, he’ll smoke his message in French to you!


Alice and Wonderland Labyrinth Eurodisney Paris, France

For a more thrilling experience, visit the second half of the park (for an additional fee that I personally don’t think is worth it!) test your bravery on the Tower of Terror! It is the same and is in English so you’ll be prepared and scared! Take note of the ride operators and their talented knowledge of multiple languages, that’s a difference from our American version of Disney Land!

Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror Eurodisney Paris, France

Be sure to grab some kettle corn, something the Parisians and tourists love when visiting, and stroll around Fronteirland to recover from your culture shock for a little while. Stay tuned for more Euro Disney tips including, how to get there, where to eat, what’s worth your time, and more! Do you think Euro Disney is worth the 10 million visits? Let us know! Share your experience! Do you like this tip?
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Alex and Jeff Eurodisney

Alex and Jeff at Eurodisney Sporting our Mickey and Minnie Ears!



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