Spring Hiking In Fort Collins, Colorado

So, as you might be able to tell, I’m not a great blogger. I am a very large slacker when it comes to keeping my blog up to date and that’s not good! I keep repeating to myself…balance. I have been very busy on the other hand. If you follow us on Twitter you might’ve seen that we went to D.C. recently to scope out housing and for my open house for my new grad program. We didn’t do much in the way of touristy things, but we did some exploring, but don’t worry over the next 3 years we’ll become bonafide experts on all of D.C. and NOVA…I promise.

I’ve been in the midst of chaos regarding a Kenya archaeological dig and so keep your fingers crossed that all the loose ends become tightened so that I can go (and keep your fingers crossed for cheaper airfare to miraculously appear!). If you didn’t know this about me, I also study paleoanthropology and hope to get my PhD once I’m done with my MFA. So if I get to go and begin doing research in the fall in D.C. you can follow Alex’s Archaeological Adventures (working title) segment of this site (or new site?) I haven’t decided.

In other news, I’ve been bumming around outside since winter is officially over (despite May snowstorms!) and we’ve been up to a lot of hiking here in Fort Collins, Colorado. Fort Collins is located at the base of the foothills so hiking is very accessible.

One of my favorite spots to hike is Bobcat Ridge in Fort Collins. Nobody is ever there (although it is a little bit further than other trails and isn’t dog friendly so poor Pickles must stay home!), there’s a lot of active wildlife (and you can see signs of it!), there’s horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking. Plus there’s archaeology there, including a historic cabin you can hike to and hang around. Although beware of rattlesnakes (although I’ve never seen one here!). I have seen plenty at Soapstone Prairie (stay tuned for an article on Soapstone and Red Mountain, where I worked as an archaeologist!). But Bobcat Ridge is nice, I like it. Here’s some instagrams from our latest adventure!


Hiking Fort Collins Colorado

Hiking Bobcat Ridge Fort Collins, Colorado

Hiking Tree Fort Collins Colorado

Ominous Tree at Bobcat Ridge Fort Collins Colorado

Bones Fort Collins Colorado

A Kill Site? Mountain Lions? Coyotes?

Fort Collins Horsetooth

Sunset at Horsetooth Reservoir


I hope you enjoyed looking at our hike as much as we enjoyed our hike. More articles to come soon (I promise!!) on D.C. and Fort Collins!

Happy Hopping,


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