Spotlight on Skansen, the open-air museum in Stockholm, Sweden!


If you’re visiting Sweden during the summer, Skansen is a great place to step back in time and to learn a little more about Sweden while doing so! Skansen is basically a replica of how life in Sweden was during the 19th century, so everything looks as it did back in the 1800’s and even the Swedish speak in a dialect that mimics the 19th century. Everyone plays his/her part in making Skansen a magical step back in time, but they’ll speak English if you need help, so don’t worry.

Be sure to visit the bakery, where everything is baked from scratch using the same methods to bake that they used during the 19th century. I, being a writer, loved the Printer’s where you can see how books were printed during the 19th century, and even buy a print made on a classic printer, for a great souvenir!


Publisher at Skansen


Then be sure to stroll around the “country side” to see actual historical Swedish houses, with green thatched roofs! Many of the structures in Skansen are original so keep your eye out for the plaques that give a little background on each one!


Countryside at Skansen, original structure

Skansen even features a zoo of native animals to Sweden, including reindeer, a lynx, wolves, and more!

Skansen Zoo

Skansen Zoo Stockholm, Reindeer

Jeff and I happened to visit Sweden in late November, when the day is short and the nights are dark, but we braved the cold and found Skansen to be one of the best parts of our trip, despite the cold and rain! If you want to visit in the winter, it’s just as magical, but be sure to bundle up! If you get cold, just stop in one of the cafes, such as Petissan for a cup of hot chocolate! Another great site when you’re in need of warmth is the live glassblowing demonstrations, where you can become mesmerized by the beauty of glass blowing, and feel the heat of the fire, watching as they make figurines, ornaments, and more. Everything they make eventually ends up in the gift shop, that you can purchase! If you brave Skansen in winter, you won’t be disappointed, but make sure you visit their famous Christmas markets filled with handmade crafts and be sure to (if you’re of age) grab a cup of glogg to keep you warm! Happy Skansen-ing!

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Stay tuned for more tips about things to do in Stockholm, including the Vasa museum, and coffee shop hopping!
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Skansen Road

Strolling Along the Roads at Skansen


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