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Snail Mail? (for you cool cats)

Share Your Discoveries!

Go Paperless (for you modern mavens)

For you cool vintage cats, think of the postcard project as “snail tweets.” Here’s the deets on submitting your story:

1. Go on a trip, anywhere, your grandmother’s house a city away, or across the world to a remote island, anything is great on our end!
2. Buy a postcard, yes a physical paper(ish) postcard! Remember snail mail? Yes!
3. Write a little memoir, the best thing you saw, the most exciting person you met, the weirdest thing you saw, the drunken stories, ANYTHING! We WANT to hear all about it! As long as it fits on a postcard you’re good (however abuse will not be tolerated, so keep it kind!)!
4. Stamp it and send it to us at:

Alex & Jeff
61 Morgan Ave. Apt 2R
Brooklyn, NY 11237

5. Then we’ll post it in the Postcard Project Gallery!

Don’t travel alone, share your discoveries with others!

Wanna give back to the environment? Too busy experiencing travel to remember the postcard? Don’t worry, we’ve been there done that.Just scan a postcard (if you did buy one) or submit a photo from your previous travels and email us with your tip, we’ll take anything we can get!

Or, if postcards aren’t your thing, share your story via email at info [at] or leave a story right in the comments, we’re easy!

Unpack your world, unpack your international side.

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