San Diego Highlight: The La Jolla Cove


San Diego Highlight: The La Jolla Cove: Dramatic cliffs, sea lions, and beautiful protected waters

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Jeff, Pickles (our greyhound), Toulouse (our cat), and I moved from bustling New York City in June and landed here, in sunny San Diego, California after making the trek from 1 coast to the other. Jeff was offered a position at a landscape architecture firm and being the opportunity followers that we are decided to ship out and test beach living. We live in a small beach community, Ocean Beach, here in San Diego, and it’s a LOT different from our Bushwick, Brooklyn place! But today’s post isn’t about sleepy, Ocean Beach, today’s post is about ritzy, bougie La Jolla and their breathtaking cove. When you’re done taking in the beauty of the cove, wander around downtown La Jolla and grab a nice bite for lunch and do a little luxury shopping ;).

1. Breathtaking, dramatic views, not your typical beach scene

la jolla cove california
I’m more of a mountain and city type of gal so I get a little tired of the standard beach scene. Don’t get me wrong, being close to the infiniance of the water and that cool ocean breeze is pretty amazing, but sometimes I feel like all there is to the beach is sand and water…which is why I love La Jolla’s Cove so much. The La Jolla Cove sets the scenes for breathtaking cliff views and a nice, relaxing park to boot. You can just stand at the edge of the cliffs and look out into the horizon of the ocean. Seeing the full power of the ocean is humbling and relaxing. This is one of my most favorite places to go and think, and watching the waves crash against the cliffs is such a dramatic sight, it’s hard to match the beauty of the moment from the smell of the ocean to the misty breeze, to the sound of the crash against the rocks. This is definitely a place to have lunch or a picnic at a romantic sunset ;).

la jolla cove san diego california


la jolla california

2. Sea lions aren’t just for San Francisco 😉

sea lions la jolla california
What else is fun about the La Jolla Cove is its sea lions! They’re fun to go see, especially during February or March because often times you can see the little babies! They have one of the beaches closed off for part of the year so that the sea lions can have their babies without being disturbed. But it is fun to watch them play around, ride the waves and sunbathe. But please remember these are protected waters and these sea lions are wild, so despite being comfortable around humans, you should not go up to them!

3. Protected waters and activities

la jolla cove san diego california
One of the awesome parts about the La Jolla Cove, apart from sea lions and the beauty, is that the cove is protected, which our oceans need now more than ever. So, what that means is that you’re not allowed to take anything (not even seashells!) and must leave everything alone! But what makes this great is that it’s filled with a lot of natural wildlife, so it is a great place for snorkeling in the summer (apparently you can see octopi which freaks me out, but that might be your thing ;)). You can also go whale watching, surfing, or take a kayaking tour. Jeff and I did a kayaking tour and it was a lot of fun being out in the open looking back at the cove, kayaking along dolphins and sea lions.

kayaking la jolla cove san diego california


Full circle: The La Jolla Cove is a highlight of San Diego and worth it for the breathtaking views, sea lion fun, and to celebrate protected waters. It’s a perfect place to spend an afternoon or a whole day with a plethora of water sports.

Question of the day: Are you a beach or mountain person?

Happy daydreaming,

la jolla cove san diego california


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