Our Last Night in New York City


Our Last Night in New York City: Saying goodbye and watching it move on before us


last night in new york city

We left New York City in a whirlwind. Jeff was offered a position and we had 4 weeks to sublet our Bushwick loft, buy a car, quit our jobs, pack the house, ship our stuff, and make the trek from 1 coast to the other. I wrote a post earlier this week for my more personal, self-growth, entrepreneurial blog, Declare Happy, if you’re interested in learning more about my addiction to moving. But writing that post got me thinking about our decision to leave New York and made me reminisce about our last few weeks in the amazing city that is New York. Our last night there was perfect. So perfect, in fact, that I find myself missing that city more and more and with the lasting memory of our last night, I’m antsy to head back.

Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History, and our Insignificance

central park nyc in spring

We started the evening by strolling through Central Park and watched as park goers tossed the frisbees on the amazing spring day that was our last New York City day. We watched as the trees were in bloom, the spring flowers filling the park, and headed over to the American Museum of Natural History for one last visit until shipping out west.

american museum natural history nyc

Despite having access to nature here in San Diego, there’s nothing quite like Central Park, that oasis in the chaos of the city. I find myself daydreaming about afternoons spent there and sometimes wish I could teleport my way back, but I’m also working on being satisfied with the present and taking that all in too ;). The American Museum of Natural History is an amazing place and it was a perfect place to say goodbye. There’s something nostalgic about wandering with someone together in the present, knowing that a chapter would be closing, and living among the relics of our Earth’s past. It’s humbling. It makes you realize that your big move isn’t so big after all, that there’s a whole world around us, and that there were many lifetimes before us. That’s what I love about natural history museums, they’re timeless, perfect places to feel humbled in the present, knowing that your time is so small, and insignificant, it makes you appreciate the moment that you have, the small blip that our lifetime is.

amnh trex

Opening Night of the One World Trade Center

one world trade tower

Looming into the clouds

It was odd, but sort of magical. I asked my New York friends what Jeff and I should be sure to do before heading out and they suggested climbing to the top of the new One World Trade Center, but when they suggested it, it wasn’t even open yet! I looked up times to go and to see when it would officially open and because things can be romantic in New York City, opening night just happened to be our last night in New York. So, that night we headed down to the Financial District after having one last dinner at our favorite vegan spot and went to the top of the city, to take it all in and it was beautiful. Everything was lit up and you could see for miles. The empire state building was in view, time square was flashy and bright, and you could see the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty, everything, all lit up. Now after seeing everything at night, I can’t wait to go visit in the day! It was an amazing experience to see the entire city surrounding us.

9/11 memorial from one world trade tower

View of the memorial from above

one world trade tower

one world trade center

Grabbing a Slice and Watching the City Move On

After the One World Trade Tower, we made our way back to the subway, but first stopping at a local pizza place for one last slice. I remember waiting for the pizza to get warmed up, the Financial District was quiet except for the few honking taxis, and I looked at the wall and there was a newspaper clipping from 9/11 showing what the location of the exact pizza place looked like then, in ruin, in rubble. We got our slices and sat in the high, bar stools positioned right in front of the window, under the buzzing neon “open” sign, and looked out at the less crowded than normal street eating pizza in silence, just watching the city move and live in front of us, move on without us.


our last night in new york city

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