What to Bring and Not to Bring to Oktoberfest


What to Bring and Not to Bring to Oktoberfest

Prost! Are you planning on going to Oktoberfest this year? From the drinking, the rides, and more drinking you might be wondering about what to bring or not to bring to Oktoberfest to have the best time that you can. Many people make the mistake of bringing too many things or things that aren’t even allowed into the beer tents. So here’s a quick summary of the best things to bring and not to bring to Oktoberfest.

oktoberfest night

oktoberfest night

First things first, you’re going to need to bring cash. Depending on how much you plan on drinking, or think you plan on drinking, I’d bring enough Euros to cover that and double it. I just looked on Oktoberfest’s official website for the 2012 event, and the cost of a beer this year is between 8.70€ and 9.20€. It may seem high, but it is a liter of beer or a “mast” so you should be good after a couple… Oh and be sure to round up the price of a beer a euro or two to keep your server coming back when you’re ready for your next round.

Whether you’re planning on staying the whole day and night or just part of the day, you don’t need to worry about bringing food or drinks. There are PLENTY of drinks, yes water and soda too, in addition to beer at Oktoberfest. There is also PLENTY of food and every corner you turn there will be somebody selling something from pretzels, Bavarian Delights, brats, and more to fill your stomach. So bring some cash and leave your food and drinks at your hotel. Probably the most important thing NOT to bring is a backpack. If you have any type of backpack or bag, you will not be able to take it into a tent. So leave your backpack at your hotel.

To ensure an amazing time at Oktoberfest be sure to bring lots of cash, some comfortable shoes, and leave your backpacks and bags at the hotel. Ladies can certainly bring their purses as long as they’re not backpack like or too large and if you really want to try and fit in, buy some lederhosen and get ready to have some fun.

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