Les Deux Moulins: A Cinematic Cafe In Paris


Les Deux Moulins

15 Rue Lepic 75018

Paris, France

If you love the film Amelie, then you need to add Les Deux Moulins to your itinerary. Located within Montmarte on 15 Rue Lepic 75018 Paris, it was charming, but I’d only suggest it for the avid Amelie fan. It is a very touristy cafe, I mean mostly english is spoken, and the waiters can be a tad bit  unfriendly. But what you need to keep in mind is that this is the location where Amelie was filmed and where she worked in the film. It felt a little less romantic simply becasue it turned into (an expensive) tourist trap. But it still had its charm with the garden gnome in the back and Amelie posters hidden around the corners of the resturant. We sat down for a traditional french lunch.  I ordered Salad au chevre chaud (which means a salad with large croutons with melted goat cheese on top!) which was great then I had the famous Amelie’s creme brulee, (if you remember in the film one of the things she loved to do was to crack the creme brulee) avec un cafe creme. The creme brulee was the BEST creme brulee I’ve ever had in my entire life. All of our meal was served on a placemat of Amelie images (which after a lot of delicate work, managed to take home as a souvenir! but dont’ worry if you’re a spiller, they have plenty, just ask your server for another. If they roll their eyes don’t take it personal).

les deux moulins Amelie

The Amelie Placemat

The restaurant itself was a little disenchanting because of the  Americans and english speakers everywhere, hectic servers (which is unusual for Paris!), and hectic atmosphere (at one point 3 servers were running around trying to catch a pigeon that had wandered inside!) but it was still a lovely lunch nonetheless. Jeff and I even sat where Joesph sits in the film. It was great. I would definately suggest visitng if you’re a fan of the movie. You’ll be happy you did, but also remember that its not exactly the same and the atmosphere can be a little off. But check back for more Paris cafe reviews, I’ll show you a few spots that you’ll love!


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Les Deux Moulins, Paris

Les Deux Moulins, Paris

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