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Delphic Circle, Delphi, Greece

Once the meeting grounds of gods, king, and prophets, Delphi sits on a mountain’s edge within Greece, and definitely worth a visit. Delphi is a little tricky to get to, and if you travel like Jeff and I, then you’re saving pennies, and planning at the last minute! Jeff and I were staying in Athens for just 3 days and the hostel we were staying at hosted day trips to Delphi (for a steep price, and unfortunate days for us), so we decided after thumbing through the brochures, to plan our own day trip. From Athens you need to catch the bus that will get you to the bus station, and the bus station isn’t that obvious to find, but we found it, so trust me you can too. Warning: you CANNOT buy tickets early, you must buy them at the bus stop the day you are leaving…strange I know, I’ll get to this in a bit.

1.Catch the city bus 024 from Syntagma Square or Panepistimiou Street and you will need to take it to bus terminal B. The busses run every 20 minutes.

2.Get inside as soon as possible to buy your ticket. We were an hour early before departure and the tickets were all sold out, which meant that we had to wait nearly 2 hours for the next bus, so don’t make our mistake. Go as early as you can!

3.Keep note that Greece is prone to strikes, which means cancelations, so be prepared and plan Delphi as one of your first activities, just in case you need to push it back a day. Check when you get there the times the bus leaves for Delphi, we noticed it changed a lot. The earlier you get there the better, from everything I’ve seen recently it looks like the first bus leaves at 7am and the second around 10am so get there early to get your seat.

4.The bus ride is long, 2-3 hours each way. Don’t worry they stop for you to go to the restroom and buy a snack if needed.

5.If you have to go to the bathroom go before you get to the train station and hold it until your first stop (especially you ladies!), the only bathrooms that the train stations have are the Turkish sort, which mean that they are more advanced holes in the ground. They’re difficult, bothersome, and I, honestly, don’t think they’re worth struggling with. But, if you have to go, you have to. Be warned you also pay 1 euro for a piece of (ahem 1 square!) of toilet paper to get into them.

6.When the time nears for your bus, go outside find your station and wait to board just to guarantee a seat, and make sure you get a seat, standing for a 3 hour bus ride is not ideal, trust me (I once stood on a train ride back to Paris, for 2 hours and it was terrible!).

7.Make sure to catch your bus home, it doesn’t leave often, but while you wait try some pizza at the restaurant where the bus dropped you off! It’s good!

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Overlooking the Temple of Apollo, Delphi, Greece

temple of Apollo Delphi

Overlooking the Temple of Apollo

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