Ang’s Postcard Fresh From Florence Italy!


Ang's Postcard Florence, Italy

Ang’s Postcard Fresh From Florence, Italy!



“Florence, Italy 7th September 2012

Arrived Thursday midday at Pisa Airport. Took the bus to Florence city centre (Terravision, 70 mins €6) then walked to hotel on via Porto Rosso. Temperature now above average for Sept. Today 32°C/92°F the architecture is beautiful-as a photographer, I love wandering around or just sitting in a pausment restaurant and people watching. Not sure how busy Florence is normally-its not too bad now and the crowds are avoidable if you want some peace. We took the tourist day bus as a way to see sights we’d not get a chance to see otherwise and since we’re only there for 5 days it makes sense. Visit the ancient Ponte Vecchio for an insight into ancient Florence. Also visit the Piazzas Michelangelo for amazing panoramic views over the river and city. If you get a chance head outside to Fiesole outside of Florence itself, for beautiful landscapes along the tree-lined roads and hills. Check online for various festivals. Last night we saw a procession of paper lanterns and musicians to mark the birth of the Virgin Mary. You can however, just arrive and soak up the Florentine atmosphere. It’s Beautiful!

Ang (madmoo)”


Thanks Ang!


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