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Studying Abroad in Paris, France, in the depths of the Catacombs! See if they’re for you!

The day I knew that my disguise as a native Parisian worked was when I found myself, once an American student with only a couple years of high school French under my belt, gave directions to a nearby cafe to a Parisian. Or the time when I explained which metro to take due to la grève (metro strike!), to a native Parisian, I knew, pond hopping was definitely for me. I’m one of those people who are always antsy, antsy to explore, to learn, to have fun. I believe that curiosity is what drives the soul, and curiosity is a skill that anyone can achieve. Pond hopping is one of those few things that have provided me with something that will peak my interest always. During my study abroad in Paris, France I made it my goal to do as much as I could every single day. As an avid, addicted museum goer, I tried to visit as many as possible from Le Louvre, to the perfume museum, even the smelly sewer museum, I make sure that I make the most out of every single travel experience. Whether I’m prost-ing at Oktoberfest, or sailing the Nile, I make sure to take notes, write as much as possible, and meet as many people as I can. Travel isn’t just a hobby, its a lifestyle, whether you’re abroad or home. Learn to regain your curiosity and regain your sense of adventure. Choose to travel and choose to live presently with us.  Join me and unpack your international side. Here is a list of countries I’ve visited thus far: France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein, England, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Egypt, Iceland, Kenya, Norway, and Canada!


Fontainbleu, France

Studying Abroad in France visiting Fountainbleu Castle!

From being a scout, a “Sherpah”, to a study abroader, I’m still an avid explorer and traveler and can’t settle in one spot for more than 6 months. Even through my university time I had to constantly move whether it was for the sense of change, difference in life, or just to mix things up. I was a scout only for the camping, the traveling, and the adventures. As a Sherpa, or the bass player of my high school blues/rock/fund fusion band, “The Sherpahs,” I explored different styles of music and guided our audience up the musical mountain experience. While studying abroad, I explored over 10 countries throughout Europe and parts of Egypt and learned the various cultures and ways of life abroad. Some of my favorite countries are France, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany. Not having enough money to continue my study abroad (and to finish my degree), I sadly hopped back to the United States, already thinking about how I was going to go back. My time abroad was a revelation and opened my mind up to so many things that I never experienced or would have never experienced if I hadn’t studied and traveled abroad. The people, the culture, the food, and the lifestyles changed my perspective on life and I realized that I wasn’t ever going to settle just to be “comfortable.” For me, life is way too short to stay in one place just because it’s easy. Yes travelling got tricky sometimes, but I realized that I could never grow and learn if I don’t take risks and learn from my mistakes. This sense of exploration and desire to study/travel/live abroad sparked my mind to share my experiences, tips, and travelling tricks with the world which eventually led to PondHopping. Whether leading a few Sherpah People (The Sherpahs Followers) in a Sherpah concert up the musical mountain experience or roaming the dirt roads of Egypt, I’ve always and will always be an explorer and aim to help you in your travelling and studying endeavors.
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