How We Get Our Information

One Couple. One World. One Lifetime to Explore.

Here at PondHopping, we know the importance of collaborating. Sure we’re just one couple in one world, but how do you expect us to see the world and know how to navigate it on our own? We don’t.

Travel wouldn’t exist without collaboration. As travelers, we do the best we can to photograph, record, and commit to memory, everything we can so that we can relay the data back to you! But we’re not always so great at memorizing, so that’s why we rely on our native friends, traveling friends, and other travel experts. We’re a growing site, a growing wealth of information, and we’ll need all the help we can get! Help us, share your tips with us, together, let’s unlock the secrets to travel and unpack our international sides, and explore what our world offers! Plus traveling completely alone would be a bummer! Travel is about so much more than seeing the sights, its about making connections. C’mon, connect with us! Show us how you travel!

Alex and Jeff


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