A Paris Best, The Angelina Tea Room

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Address: 226 rue de Rivoli – Paris

Transport: Metro 1 Tuileries Stop


Phone: +33 (0)

Hours:  Monday-Friday from 7.30 am till 7pm Saturday and Sunday from 8.30 am till 7pm

One of my favorite memories of Paris, especially during the winter months, was stopping by the world famous Angelina Tea House. Located on Rue de Rivoli, Angelina sits at the center of Paris’ fashion district and has a history rooted in fashion. Famous for their Mont Blanc and their decadent hot chocolate, you can enjoy yourself in a luxury setting, where Madame Chanel herself once sat working on her designs. Don’t feel intimidated, although it’s rooted in luxury, the servers are all very kind and welcoming. Be prepared to wait in line however, Angelina is world famous because it’s popular! Just get to the teahouse early, don’t wait until they are near closing because sometimes they can’t seat you. But, don’t fear. If you get to Angelina close to closing, just go to the “to go” section of the teahouse. They sell their hot chocolate by the cup to go as well as my favorite, and their world famous Mont Blanc to go! But, try your best to get a seat to look around and sit where the world famous have sat including, Madame Chanel, Proust, and many visiting fashion icons. Make sure you order one of their world famous Mont Blancs, it is a dessert with a meringue base, a chestnut cream vermicelli, and their house made whipped cream, (I heard a rumor from my Parisian friend that the Mont Blanc is so decadent because they make it with crème fraiche!). It is by far my favorite dessert of all time!

Angelina Mont Blanc

Angelina Mont Blanc

Be sure not to miss their famous hot chocolate, their chocolate l’Africain. If you order 2 and are seated, it comes in a little carafe so if you’re up for the challenge, you can have a refill.

Your carafe of hot cocoa!

Your carafe of hot cocoa!

The hot chocolate is nothing like the powder style hot cocoa you drink at home; it’s more like melted chocolate where you add whipped cream to thin it.

A mug of warm chocolate!

A mug of warm chocolate!

With every hot coca order, you get a mug full of whipped cream. You might make two trips out of Angelina so that you don’t fall into a sugar coma with both a Mont Blanc and a hot coca (like I, erm might have done!). Whatever you do, make sure you stop in to experience true Parisian luxury!

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