7 Things You can Do In Lieu of Oktoberfest

Yes, the drinking, the prosting, the dancing, the singing can get tiring, especially if you might’ve overdone it the night before. Oktoberfest is tricky, most people I’ve talked to were happy they experienced it, but would never go back. But, Oktoberfest is much more than drinking, it’s a celebration centered upon tradition. So, take a break, give your body a rest, and enjoy yourself, like the Germans do!

  1. Check out all the amusement park rides! Shocker is a popular haunted house ride and in celebration of Oktoberfest’s 200th year, they’ve added 7 new rooms to terrify you including haunted bathrooms, exorcisms, and more scary sights!

        2. Visit the Marienplatz inside of Munich, it will most likely be quiet, has great shopping, great views, and of course as cheesy and lame as it is, you must see the glockenspiel at 11 am. Its really old, give it a break.


the glockenspiel in Munich

  1. Be sure to visit Englischer Garten! This is a local secret! But this secret was one of the highlights of my Oktoberfest! Its quiet, its local, and its HUGE. There is a Japanese garden, an English style garden, yes nude sunbathers, and a spot for surfing. Yes, surfing. Be sure to wander around for awhile its great to people watch!

surfing in Munich

  1. Be sure to climb the Alter Peter (Church of St. Peter) it is 306 steps to climb to the top of the tower, but the view is worth it! See the top of Munich!
  2. Go to the Hofbräuhaus , its overcrowded, its filled with tourists, but its famous and people know it.  Honestly, I’ve been there I’ve had dinner there and it was alright, but the majority of guests are not German, so keep that in mind!

outside the hofbrauhaus in Munich

  1.  Secret go to one of the many beer gardens in town, they also serve the famous Oktoberfest beers, yes in 1 liter sizes too! So, if you didn’t get a seat in the beer tents, which most likely you won’t, sorry but its tricky tricky, try your luck at the beer garden with a pretzel or a sausage and relax with the traditional Germans.
  2. Please take time to do a free (PLEASE TIP WELL!) walking tour of Munich, it lasts about 2 hours and departs from the Wombat hostel at 11am. Its very worth it and Ozzie, the tour guide is GREAT. I couldn’t be happier with the Tour and Plan on doing it again when I go back. You’ll learn a bunch about Munich, you’ll stop for a traditional lunch and beer, and he’ll take you to all the must see landmarks in town. For more information read our tour review here and check it out here ( He’s great the tour is great, you learn incredible amounts about Munich and see all the sights!
walkin tour munich

Ozzie’s Walking Tour Munich

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